IT Services for Small business

Small Businesses need IT expertise just as much if not more than larger companies. Technology can provide a competitive advantage over your larger competition. HomeTek believes in the "smart" use of technology, applying it appropriately to your situation and meeting your needs. Technologies such as Voice over IP, network appliances, shared storage and wireless can add to productivity and create agility that large companies lack.

Comprehensive IT services

HomeTek has expertise in not only voice, networking,computer, and peripheral configuration but also in website design and development. HomeTek is your "one-stop" technology shop. Having one point of contact for all your technology needs frees you to focus on sales and marketing of your businesses products and services.

A listing of our IT services is below:

Personal Computer Purchase and Install recommend, order and install your new computer of peripherals
Network configuration and troubleshooting design your network to share Internet connection, printers and files.
Network Storage recommend, order and install network storage devices to share files and media.
Wireless install and configure Wireless computer networks especially useful for those with laptop computers or in buidings that cannot be wired.
Voice over IP install and configure VOIP solutions to leverage use of exisiting broadband high speed Internet connection in order to save on costly voice services.
Web Design and Development host, design and develop interactive websites that meet your business needs and increase your visibility on the web.
IT consulting general IT consulting on technology including computers, networking, Internet and Web.

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